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United States

Age: 24
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May 31, 2016
:iconsweet-milk-prince:Sweet-Milk-Prince has changed their username (formerly Little-Milk-Prince)
Our roleplay is set before the end of Season 2. Ciel has no memory of the burning of London and the truth about his parents murder, and Alois has entered the fold as a new adversary and partner in suppressing London's criminal underground. The Queen was found alive and ghoulish rumors are whispered from East End to Big Bend. She's all but cut herself off from the world, and Ciel must depend on Sebastian's judgement in finding assignments. Sebastian's troubled with the paranoia of keeping Ciel safe from harm, and free from the rival Butler Claude's hands. Its becoming more difficult as of late, because a disruption in the Trancy manor has caused Alois to reach out to Ciel more than the Earl or his Butler is accustomed to.


It is the end off a prolific era in late 18th century Victorian England. The great Industrial Revolution created a maelstrom of chaos in change in politics, science, and culture. The peoples beloved matriarch Queen Victoria receded into the framework, a figurehead of romanticism and morality was now a leader in name to the Kingdom of Great Britain. However, after the Indian Rebellion in 1857 she found herself a figurehead again as the Empress of India. Her curtesy and patience with the people of India granted her enormous praise, and although the Parliament remained cautious and critical Queen Victorian helped relieve both countries from potential intrigue and sabotage. Perhaps her greatest and most private asset was her faithful Watchdogs, the Phantomhive house.
The last remaining her of the Phantomhive name was a boy of only 13 named Ciel. Despite the enormous burden of cleaning up after an Empire and carrying out the most critical, darkest errands of the Queen Ciel remained impervious to doubt or intimidation. In fact, the young boy seemed to relish and thrive in all the blood and conspiracy. As a child he was a cheerful, humble young boy who constantly sought the affection and happiness of others. After his parents tragic death and his mysterious disappearance, he returned to reclaim his noble heritage and was shrouded in a mysterious ethereal beauty. He radiated confidence, so brightly few ever thought to recognize the tall man in his shadow.
When Ciel returned to the burned down ruins of his child hood home, and faced the burial of his Mother and Father a butler had accompanied him. He was tall, very tall, with a polite porcelain smile and an unwavering handle of manners. Sebastian Michaelis was the ideal servant of such a noble house as the Phantomhives. Few questioned how the two came to meet, and even fewer were curious why such a man would devote his every breath and fiber to the whim of an arrogant young noblemen yoked with practically criminal burdens.
The truth of their bond is far too fantastic and seductive for them to imagine.
In the last year their relationship had suffered a bizarre and designless struggle. Sebastian's telling of it is that Ciel had a traumatic accident, and as a result lost most of his memory from the last year. London had endured enormous collateral damage from an unidentifiable disaster. The queen was discovered in the River Thames, struggling to keep from downing under the weight of her mourners clothes. The accident had taken her memories of the past year as well. Terrified and guilt ridden she returned to her life as a recluse, hiding her bedroom and seeing no one but servants and giving no orders to her court or hounds. Ciel was overwhelmed with the amount of free time he had when what he needed most at this traumatic time was his routine. Sebastian did his best to schedule his lessons and tea and visitations in such a way that Ciel would not feel lost, but Sebstian could still feel an ache of emptiness inside his young master.
Furthermore, the tangle of their relationship with the Trancy household had put Ciel in the dark about his families position to the Queen and Kingdom. Ciel and Alois share a remarkably similar history, but have dealt with the trauma of their abduction in incredibly different ways. Ciel is reserved and calculation, Alois is emotional and empathetic. Ciel loathes feeling dependent on other people and interacts with the help as little as he can, but Alois lavishes his servants with affection and attention. Ciel has an appreciation for expensive finery and takes care to keep his things in pristine condition, while Alois seems to drink everything in and use it up until its all gone. When the two were in a room together their tension ignites like fireworks, yet both feel a compelling connection to the other.
Sebastian tries his best to keep Alois and his ominous butler Claude Faustus away from Ciel to prevent his young master any further grief, but English etiquette always comes first to noblemen. Sebastian is always ever mindful of keeping the Earl of Phantomhive distinguished and piquant.
Hunger Intro... Black Butler RP
Hunger Stamp Sans Bee Copy by Little-Milk-Prince…

Introduction for my Black Butler Roleplay hosted on 
This intro was entirely written by me. 
We are always recruiting, but some characters are already taken. OC's accepted. 

Rp Stamp Copy by Little-Milk-Prince 
Finally have a main account! Too bad I'm terrible at art. lol. 


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